Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Painting: Sticky Situation

Practice with Value/Paint

Final Sketch
Final Product
This sticky situation project was my best piece of work so far because of my creative idea. The inspiration for this project was the pictures (seen above) that I found on Pinterest. Those pictures gave me a basic idea for what I wanted to do, but I expanded on it with the various designs and color schemes used. This idea is original in the sense that it is both relevant, but also very unique.

This piece of art proved that I am able to solve problems. Throughout the final portion of this project (the painting), I made many mistakes. I found things that some of the ideas I had envisioned were not going to turn out perfectly because of both the tricky medium and my lack of experience with it. Instead of getting down on myself and trashing the piece, I decided to reinvent the idea and take some risks that ended up paying off. Using paint was good to help solve little problems because it can be easily layered and covered.

I think this piece accurately portrayed both my skill set and my artistic flair or sense of style. This painting was not meant to have a pressing or controversial tone. I enjoy creating art that is relevant to modern culture and reaches a wide audience. Also, I personally find it more pleasurable to create pieces that are simple, but still represent my personality. When I first saw pictures of the candy lips and demos of how to recreate them, I was intrigued. I loved being able to show my brighter side with the vibrant color scheme and fun concept.