Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mixed Media: Simplicity and Amusement

The flower was a creative and unique piece of artwork. When I was searching on Pinterest for inspiration, I found a flower with things in each of the petal and was inspired to create this piece. Despite that, I used my own ideas for what to put in each of the petals. I made this piece unique to me because instead of just putting basic patterns or designs in each of the petals, I made each an individual collage of things I like including music, swimming, family, food, and inspirational/motivational quotes. Furthermore, I took the idea I found on Pinterest and incorporated into both of the themes of simplicity and amusement. It displays simplicity because the flower is a simple sunflower and amusement because I included all of the things that I enjoy.
In order to complete this project, I had to learn new techniques and processes. Prior to this project, I had never done a true "Mixed Media" project. I had done simple collages in elementary school art classes, but I had never used gel medium, wallpaper, newspaper, buttons, watercolor, or acrylic paints in one piece or even on their own. Combining all of these techniques was a daunting task, but with Ms. Rossi's help, I believe that I succeeded. Using the gel medium for the first time was an awesome experience and I think that technique helped to pull this piece together. Also, it helped me layer the picture so there is an obvious background, middleground, and foreground. Cutting out images from magazines was another successful technique I used in this piece because they have a nice shiny appearance and have vibrant colors. Overall, I am pleased with the techniques I used to create this piece.
Several times throughout this project, I took a step back in order to reflect on my picture. The first time I stepped back to reflect was after I thought I had completed the petal with the ocean/swimming theme. At first this petal was just the water and the sand with nothing else on it. After reflecting on the petal, I was able to realize that by adding life to it (the dolphin) it would make it more interesting and aesthetically pleasing. I reflected many other times throughout the project, but the final time was at the very end. At the beginning of the project I had drawn in with pencil where I wanted to place the petals, but at the end the pencil marks were still visible. By stepping away from the project and using problem solving skills, I was able to cover up the pencil marks with more pieces of newspaper. After making that correction, I was able to complete my mixed media piece.