Thursday, April 30, 2015

Teens Inspired

For my Artists Inspired piece, I was influenced by this work of Frank Philip Stella. Stella has always been one of my favorite artists and I jumped at the opportunity to take a unique spin on his modern style. I really like his use of geometric shapes and clean lines to create a piece with unity and cohesion. Stella's work"Raqqa II" inspired me to create my piece. I laid down strips of masking tape in order to divide up the piece of cardboard into sections. Then, I painted each one of the sections a specific color, which I had previously planned. Each color was placed where it would create contrast between the darks and lights and the warm and cool colors. I had to paint each part several times in order to get the colors to be as rich and pure as I wanted, but I think the extra work was worth it. I'm extremely pleased with how this project came out because the lines are clean, like those of Stella, and the colors go very well together. Other artists who are featured in the North Carolina Museum of Art, including Richard Diebenkorn and Franz Kline, also inspired me with the idea for my piece. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Art Snapshot 3

I am currently working on an acrylic paint project. I am creating an abstract piece. Once I am done, I'm going to remove the tape so white lines are on the page. The lines are going to draw the eye of the audience from one part of the piece to the other. I'm super excited about this piece and cannot wait for you to see the finished product!!(: