Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Contour Line Drawing

My  contour line drawing skills increased greatly from the beginning of this unit. When I started out, I was unsure of myself because I am so used to picking up the pen/pencil and moving around. Also, I typically   don't draw in such fluid motions because I am a "sketchy" kind of artist. Slowly and steadily though I learned how to move my hand at the speed of my eye so I could draw exactly what I see. In this drawing I did a good job of capturing all of the little details of the shoe. On the other hand, I made several obvious mistakes like making the bottom of the shoe unproportionally large. The laces are another fault because they are too fat. I improved throughout the contour drawing unit, sadly, I do not believe that this is my best piece of work from this unit.

Monday, February 11, 2013

iPad Value Study

     There is a big difference between using oil pastels and using the Layers Pro App on the iPad.  For starters, using oil pastels in much messier than using the iPad.  Also, it is much easier to blend colors on the iPad because the App allows you to blend using your fingers.  There are some similarities because both the iPad and oil pastels produce an image with very vibrant colors.  Another similarity is that you can layer your picture to make it look like your shapes are sitting on different levels.  This experience taught me how to use Layers Pro App and how to blend colors together to create value.  I believe that this is my strongest piece from the value studies unit because I blended the colors well so there is no banding of colors.  Technology is useful in art because it helps students create art in a more innovative and modern fashion.